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Jennifer Handali
UrbanLaundry — Screen Preview

Hi, everyone! It is another UI Challenge from my community, DesigNerd. This time, we are designing for a laundry service. Read through for more details!

Product Background & Design Challenge

When I first moved into the town for college, my cousins and I relied a lot on laundry service. We didn’t have a washing machine yet, so we piled up our day-to-day clothes and went to the laundry on a weekly basis. Can you imagine the smell and dirt that stayed in the clothes waiting for the washing schedule?

I also know some people around me who experience the same. Aside from college and work…

DreamWed — Screen Preview

One night, my friend Alver invited me to a WhatsApp group called DesigNerd filled with UI/UX enthusiasts. We are practicing some weekly design challenges, which started last week with the theme: Wedding App or Website.

Challenging myself more, I wanted this opportunity to craft better design by going through my usual workflow — research, get inspired, and start designing!

First, Putting in Context

Fortunately, I am in that quarter-life age — 25 this year, where marriage often crosses my mind. …

First of all, I would like to state that this case study was written in August 2018, while the design process was held 2 years ago. This MyUMN project was just a sample for studying purpose for my Interactive Media Design class (4th Semester, Multimedia Nusantara University). Done with a group of two, handled for around 7 weeks.

Focusing in ICT, Multimedia Nusantara University has been one of the top universities of Indonesia for their Design program. UMN (Universitas Multimedia Nusantara) has a certain website ( …

Jennifer Handali

An ENFJ. Passionate in Social, Art, Culture, and Education. I love how curiosity + design can create impactful solution!

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