Laundry App Design — Why do it yourself if we can do it for you?

Jennifer Handali
4 min readMar 15, 2021
UrbanLaundry — Screen Preview

Hi, everyone! It is another UI Challenge from my community, DesigNerd. This time, we are designing for a laundry service. Read through for more details!

Product Background & Design Challenge

When I first moved into the town for college, my cousins and I relied a lot on laundry service. We didn’t have a washing machine yet, so we piled up our day-to-day clothes and went to the laundry on a weekly basis. Can you imagine the smell and dirt that stayed in the clothes waiting for the washing schedule?

I also know some people around me who experience the same. Aside from college and work, we just don’t have enough time to wash on our own or keep up with the laundry store closing time. There are also cases where you brought up too many dirty clothes so they exceed the washing quota (usually per 1 kg). Then you would need to bring back the extra and mix them with the next batch.

UrbanLaundry — Product Background & Design Challenge

Customer Goals & Pain Points

As to my story elaboration in the above section, here are the goals and expectation from a laundry customer:

  • Have clean clothes for work every day
  • Have extra time & energy to do other things than laundry
  • Can get time estimation when the laundry is ready for pickup/delivery
  • Easy payment and regular scheduling
  • Personalization, i.e. perfume/scent

And these are the compilation of their pain points and concerns:

  • Doesn’t own a washing machine
  • Not having time to do laundry on their own
  • Cannot calculate whether the laundry weight reach maximum washing quota, need to bring home leftover dirty clothes
  • Missing or switched clothes with other customers
  • Damaged clothes due to laundry service lack of professionality or special care
  • Pickup and delivery cost & schedule

Behind the Design

With some observation from the offline laundry store experience, I decided that having the Pickup and Delivery Service at the customer's doorstep is the key to simpler laundry life. Of course, the customer should be able to mix several services together in a single order.

Here is where the Digital Laundry Basket comes to play. The app will help to calculate how much your laundry weight (base on your item quantity) so you can plan accordingly. Having yourself identify each item and leave special notes also reduces the chance of getting your clothes missing or switched with other customers.

Once your laundry is picked up, what’s next? The Order Details will help customer to check their laundry status, whether it is still being washed or ready to be delivered. If you happen to finish your work/study early and can drop by to the store, just hit the Contact Store button to tell them.

UrbanLaundry — Wireframes

Who says laundry cannot be fun?

With splash of vibrant & quirky colors, I want this design to hit the Urban Millenials market. The icons and illustrations are still modified from free sources like FreePik and Leni Kauffman (on Blush), so shoutout to them as well.

UrbanLaundry — Design Reveal

Thanks for reading!

Though this design is intended only for a quick hand & mind practice, I can imagine there would be a useful feature for selling Packages/Membership where customers can make regular orders with faster checkout and better discounts. For example, they can pay in advance a 30kg Wash & Iron service and just reduce their weight quota on every order.

What do you think of the design? If stories like this are helpful for you, please let me know by leaving feedback on the comments. The UrbanLaundry designs are posted on my other platforms too:

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