Peeking Behind the Design of DreamWed — a Wedding Planner App

Jennifer Handali
4 min readFeb 22, 2021
DreamWed — Screen Preview

One night, my friend Alver invited me to a WhatsApp group called DesigNerd filled with UI/UX enthusiasts. We are practicing some weekly design challenges, which started last week with the theme: Wedding App or Website.

Challenging myself more, I wanted this opportunity to craft better design by going through my usual workflow — research, get inspired, and start designing!

First, Putting in Context

Fortunately, I am in that quarter-life age — 25 this year, where marriage often crosses my mind. There is a saying that described ‘wedding’ is not the end goal of a relationship, whereas it is the start of a new adventure in life together with your spouse.

As if the pressure is not enough on making sure he or she is the right one, planning the wedding itself can be much of work. Starting with conversations to match our budget, how private the reception will be, who to invite, what style to choose, etc. It is no doubt that all the details can make one get stress and headache.

So in contrast, I tried to collect all the pain points and wishes from these true stories and make them the goal of the design challenge.

DreamWed — Background & Design Challenge

Next, Getting some Inspiration

Of course, wedding-themed apps and websites are not new. So I placed myself as one of those couples who is going to marry and I looked up things we should prepare. I googled, visited local sites like BrideStory and international ones, peeked at my Pinterest & Instagram saved posts, and many more.

Then I realized that there are so many things to do in different places, whereas I need them to be in one place for easiness. For me, these items will be the main focus of my Dream Wedding App:

  1. To-do lists: Maybe I don’t know what to do next, which one first, have I done this or that... So this page will cover it up for thoughtful & organized people alike.
  2. Budget: We can dream of anything, but we must stay realistically within the budget. This page will be helpful to track down what I have or have not paid, how much I have left in the budget, can I get an estimation of how much a wedding cake would cost, etc.
  3. Vendors: Either you already know what you want or not, it would be much simpler to get inspired, save, and hire the vendors directly when you want them.

With those in mind, I feel more prepared to create wireframes and adjust the layout of my dream wedding app — DreamWed.

DreamWed — Wireframes

Finally, the Design Reveal

With Salmon Pink #FF9896 as the brand primary color, I intended this Wedding Planner app to catch our dear bride-to-be's eyes. I want the app to feel serious and trusted when giving out detailed To-Do lists, but at the same time feel playful and dreamy when giving out inspiration and recommendation.

So with the combination of Enriqueta and Jura fonts, elegant thin line borders, rounded card corners, and many more details.. here I present you the design of DreamWed.

DreamWed — Wedding Planner App Screens

Thanks for reading!

Since this is my first timed design challenge, I agree that there will be some areas I’m lacking. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave it in the comments section. I would appreciate it very much!

Disclaimer: this is not a real built app. For the sake of personal learning purposes, I used and modified assets from some free source. Shoutout to DinosoftLabs, Nikita Golubev, Freepik, Pexels, and Freepik Storyset!

The DreamWed designs are posted on my other platforms too. If you love seeing this, please take a moment to peek at my:

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